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Translation of Fiction Literature

Translation of fiction literature is a true art and it is considered to be one of the most difficult types of translation.

Translation of fiction literature presupposes rendering not only informational component of the text, but its influence on the reader. That is why a translator should have perfect language knowledge and particular literature skills. He should be able to feel delicate lexical, morphological, stylistic peculiarities of the original text and select correspondent words and expressions to depict them in the translation

It is necessary to have deep knowledge of the cultural and national peculiarities of the country, where the original was created, and the country when it is translated. It is important to be broad-minded, have a perfect intuition and possess such qualities as curiosity, attentiveness, thoroughness, carefulness.

There are many features of the translation of fiction literature and problems connected with it. Among them we can single out the following:

The main purpose of the translator of fiction literature is preservation of individual features of the original and its adaptation to another cultural environment..

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