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Economic Translation

Economic translation is translation of economic and financial texts. In the contemporary world it is one of the most demanded types of translation, because more and more companies open their branches abroad. Work of the whole company, coordination of its branches, relations with foreign partners and the company's image in the market fully depend on the accuracy and correctness of the translation.

Here are some features of economic translation:

A translator of economic texts should be a professional not only in linguistic sphere, but also he should have knowledge in economics. He should be aware of economic and legal changes in the countries where the original text was created and where it is translated, he should understand the meaning of this or that term in a particular highly specific economic environment, etc.

Economic translations, performed by EKA-Perevodchik company, are always the result of work of experienced professionals, who specialize in economic and financial translations.

In our company you can order the following types of economic translation::

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