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Legal Translation

Legal translation is translation of legal texts and texts connected with the law in general. It is aimed at exchanging legal information between people who speak different languages. It is one of the most difficult types of translation, as the translator should possess not only linguistic but also legal knowledge. Sometimes legal translation is considered to be a specific type of technical translation.

Among the features of legal translation one can single out the following:

Dealing with legal texts a translator cannot translate only the sense of the original, because even the slightest inaccuracy can cause mistakes and ambiguity of the text and even become the reason of judgment proceedings. That is why requirements to legal translators are very strict.

Translation and interpreting company EKA-Perevodchik does the following types of legal translation:

The concept of notarial translation is closely connected with legal translation. It is translation performed by a professional translator and certified by a notary.

Sometimes it is not enough to certify the translation at a notarial office, a consular legalization or apostillation is required. It depends on the country where you submit documents. Apostille is a special stamp which according to the Hague Convention of 1961 is attached to official documents of the countries-participants of this convention to discharge these documents from consular or diplomatic legalization.

EKA-Perevodchik company does notarial translation and if necessary renders services on apostillation of the translated documents.

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