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Technical Translation

Technical translation is used for rendering specific technical and scientific information from one language to another language.

General features of technical translation are the following:

There are different types of written technical translation:

  1. Full technical translation is a translation of the whole original text without generalizations, omissions, with the preservation of all the terms.
  2. Review translation means rendering the main contents of the text by compressing the text, extraction of the main idea and omission of the details.
  3. Abstract translation is still more compressed rendering of the original by answering the question "˜What the original text is about?"
  4. Headlines translation.

The main requirement to a technical translator is not only linguistic, but also technical knowledge. More often than not the translated material belongs to a highly specific industrial branch. That is why there are not so many specialists able to do this type of translation. In our company all the translations are done by professional technical translators and can be verified by specialists with technical education and large experience.

We perform technical translation in different spheres:

We render services on the following types of technical translation:

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