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Notarial Translation

Notarial translation is translation performed by a professional translator and certified by a notary

Today it is one of the most demanded types of translation, which can be necessary for both individuals and companies. Notarial translation is required when you need to submit documents to governmental bodies (migration services, civil registry offices, police departments, pension funds, passport offices, etc.), conclude international contracts and agreements, register visas to enter some countries and sometimes submit documents to some medical institutions.

You may need notarial translation for the following documents:

Requirements for the notarial translations and the amount of the translated information in various institutions can differ greatly. You should be very serious with them and find out what exactly should be translated before you give documents to the translator.

Even the slightest inaccuracy in a notarial translation can lead to the fact that even the certified document will lose its legal power that is why the translation should be performed only by a professional and high-qualified translator

Sometimes it is not enough to certify the translation at a notarial office, a consular legalization or apostillation is required. It depends on the country where you submit documents. Apostille is a special stamp which according to the Hague Convention of 1961 is attached to official documents of the countries-participants of this convention to discharge these documents from consular or diplomatic legalization.

EKA-Perevodchik company does notarial translation and if necessary renders services on apostillation of the translated documents.

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